Travelling in Pangandaran Indonesia is EAST COAST

The natural beauty of West Java, in particular the presence of various beaches was amazing like Pangandaran, is a tourist destination which is the goal of everyone to spend the holiday. Located in the southeastern part of West Java, or 91 km from Ciamis, beaches have white sand turned out to save this beautiful variety of interesting things which many people do not know.

Some things are interesting and worth to be visited is located in the eastern part of the coast of Pangandaran. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those of you who visit this tourist spot for trying to explore the eastern coast of Pangandaran are no less interesting.

Underwater beauty Pangandaran Beach East Section

* Not far from the park nature reserve Pangandaran travel, that is precisely in the east coast of Pangandaran itself there is a place that must be visited by them that are very fond of underwater beauty.

* Renowned for its underwater natural beauty and diversity of marine life, on the east coast of Pangandaran often used as a spot for snorkeling. To enjoy the beauty of this underwater, then each person will be charged extra.

* Not only that, the east coast of Pangandaran is also very famous for its beautiful beaches when the sun will begin to rise. Not infrequently if many tourists who will spend time on the east side coast of Pangandaran in the morning. Unbeatable beauty is used as a place for tourists to take photographs.

* The beauty of that is on the east side this includes the beauty of natural park located on the left side and reclaiming the island, located on the right side. In fact, if you visit when the weather is sunny, then you will be able to see the majestic Mount Slamet very charming.

Pangandaran beach rides East Side

* Also known for its underwater natural beauty, on the coast of the east coast of Pangandaran also presents a wide range of tourist facilities are very interesting and are obliged to try. Various facilities such as the water games like banana boat, big mable, jumper donut, parasailing and several other challenging game that is sure to trigger your adrenaline going.

* Although considered quite extreme, some games are still in demand by every visitor who came to the east coast of Pangandaran, because security is guaranteed.

* Known as the beach that has a very enchanting beauty, Pangandaran beach area is a tourist destination that is never devoid of local and foreign visitors.

* The beauty of the beach is also located on the east coast of Pangandaran that presents the beauty of the sea, the feel of the morning was amazing and do not miss a variety of water sports are quite challenging. So, it is advisable not to forget the east side of Pangandaran when you visit West Java.

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