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The Jibster – Crazy Or Insane Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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[Intro] Hey your ready to get all crazy locomote on let's let out all the play Yeah [Verse 1] Yo I bodily structure Stick my dick in the hole Jack it off so hard So it can phlebotomize And reordering it cold I don't gives two shits about you wigga foes Kick all of you hoes Right in the pussy But you should man up And stop being a wussy This song is going to be crazy When I take girl's thongs Play beer pong and point imbibe my ding Cause this is so crazy When your fucking with the champion Your dick needs a nest That how little yours is you priss I love this diss Do the criss cross But I'm the motherfucking boss And you motherfuckers better listen When I teach you how to floss Damn your pussy inevitably to be whiskerless It looks like there's a lot of bryophyte Fuck you girl You make me wanna hurl haha [Hook] Am I crazy or insane Fuck you so delicate That you'll have a pain Eat my dick look-alike a candy cane All of you bitches Have no fame So stop being so lame shuffling your pussy drain Squirt out blood Which is my game So fuck you Cause I might be crazy or insane [Verse 2] Let me see you twerk Smack that ass I know it will employment I'm gonna go berserk And finger you with my eating utensil Bitch that must of hurt Mess with me again I'll give you sir thomas more Cause your a whore I'm gonna kick your cunt And rip off your tit till your infection Wait till I count to four Because afterward that I'll hit it with a score Slam your leg by a door And now you will get torus From your limbs while I'm a pimp Now I'm tweaking in the middle of the time period Punch your dick look-alike a punching bag At the end of a fight Rip your eyes out So you soul no sight Pop those balls deedbox you fall And then I'll get an ambulance When I call You rag dame I'm in cult You got locked up in a cage While you been embarrass With no clothes on the stage I need to get some diesel Pop your dick like "Pop Goes The Weasel" I'll make it muzzle While I'll do this bewilder And coil on a crapulence like guzzle, guzzle So is that all haha [Hook] Am I crazy or insane Fuck you so hard That you'll have a pain Eat my pecker equivalent a candy beat All of you bitches rich person no fame So stop being so lame Make your pussy drainage Squirt out blood Which is my game So fuck you Cause I might be screwball or certifiable [Bridge x4] Am I screwball or insane [Verse 3] How you like a messed up rap When I shove your face in dog ordure I wiped my ass with a piece of map surprise up my gun with some caps So how do you similar my rappity, rap, rap With a clustering of insane crackity, crack, crap Here's a knife to stabbity, stab, stab Like on my animal communication "Stick It' Put it in the pussy and move it in and out Till it bleeds blinking right-hand Your not so bright haha Do you like my rap stats When a girl sibilation like a pussy cat Eat all of this girl's meat cause she's so fat Suck your blood similar a lamia bat I have no idea what's wrong with that But this girl's boobs are so flat Did it get run over haha just kidding Now what Let's fuck [Hook] Am I crazy or insane Fuck you so hard That you'll have a pain Eat my dick like a candy stalk All of you bitches Have no fame So stop being so lame Make your fanny drain Squirt out ancestry Which is my game So fuck you Cause I might be screwball or batty [Bridge x4] Am I crazy or insane [Outro] Hahaha I'm just playing guys You accept I love you The Jibster ends up getting in truth half-baked in this composition or was it insane? Such a messed up song with crazy swiftness and the claw gets more messed up Answer my question is he Crazy or is he completely Insane?

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EZ Squirt, my ass! [Archive] - Straight Dope Message Board

Damn you to hell for putting your delicious and oh-so-pretty funky purple ketchup-like product* in this horrible torture device that is the EZ Squirt bottle! The blessed thing clogs instantly upon ketchup-like product touching it. I expletive you with the knowledge that it is harder for a rich man to enrol the kingdom of eden than it is to get a drop of ketchup-like product out of your cursed EZ SQUIRT BOTTLE!

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