Tips for feel safe and comfortable Travel to Beach

Traveled delightful place to visit next is the beach, waves, sea sand and sea breezes offer a sensation for us to travel to the beach. There are a few tips so that we feel safe and comfortable when we went to the beach, so the travel time we really could enjoy without any significant disruption, the following tips:

  1. Looking for information about our destination

Try to find info on the beach our goals, how access to the beach, the availability of inns and hotels around the beach, easy or not getting the food and beverage and other info-useful for you before you visit a beach destination. This is so that you more or less know the condition of the beach and the surrounding environment, so that when you come to the beach would have no difficulty da confusion that could really enjoy the conditions and the sights.

  1. Do not Go Alone

Enjoy the beauty of the beach is more fun when enjoyed together, invite family or closest friends to have fun together enjoying the beauty of the beach, sunbathing and playing around water, achieve an atmosphere of togetherness and dried by a game and a game or a sport like volleyball or soccer ball.

  1. Use Clothes Made Light

Visit the beach and trips to the beach always makes us wet, for the use of clothing or shirts are easy to dry, avoid wearing clothing made thick because it will burden you while swimming or playing around the beach. Try not to swim safely exceed the line that has been set by the administrator of beaches.

  1. Bring the Sun Shields

Prepare all gear for a trip to the beach, including personal protection from the sun. Bring sunglasses, hats or umbrellas could be an option to avoid direct sunlight. But use all the equipment necessary, if it has been deemed more scorching sun we can use, because the sun is too hot can lead to skin burns.

  1. Choose the right time to sunbathe

If you wish to sunbathe, try to choose the right time to avoid the hot sun during the day. Time sunbathing on the beach right is in the morning until 11:00 am or afternoon from 15:00 until sunset. Nothing wrong linger with a splash of sunshine as well nourish the skin, but it should be noted that the heat of the sun can burn our skin. Use a sunscreen or sunblock regularly every 4 hours if it were on the beach all day, this will prevent our skin from the burning hot sun.

  1. Remain cautious and wary

While you sunbathe and relax on the beach there is no harm to remain cautious and wary of our surroundings, do not get too engrossed close my eyes or listening to music through a headset us. Always watch where the stuff we were and also note what a beast beaches around us lest we stung or bitten.

  1. take a bath after playing seawater

Once satisfied to have fun and play water and swimming, there are good you get take a bath, because sea water contains a lot of salt that can cause allergies for those not used. Do not linger with wet clothes after playing the water at the beach because the salt content will make your skin drier. Try to rinse in the shower that has been provided by the manager if you feel comfortable to take a shower in a public place, body wash with clean water and really make sure the salt content of sea water is no longer attached to the body.

Holidays and trips to the beach be events and activities are great fun for us and the family, but the main thing is safety, always look for signs of what is allowed and what is prohibited in the area around the coast of our goals for safety and comfort of our holiday. Similarly, 7 tips on vacation at the beach with a safe and comfortable and can be useful, “Preserving our natural, not for us but for our children”


Easy tips to help you bring the good to your own journeys

Those who leave their homes for temporary jaunts to other places can be sorted into three basic categories:

Tourists, travelers, and good travelers.

I owe many of my most memorable trips to the serendipitous kindness of strangers, and am firm in the belief that you get what you give when you travel. Here are a handful of easy tips to help you bring the good to your own journeys:

  1. Stop acting like you know. Taxi drivers and bartenders are your consiglieres, your guides. Don’t tell them where you want to go; ask them to point you where you should be. This also applies at restaurants. I gave up menus and entrees years ago. Make snacks your friends and simply ask the experts (i.e. people who work there) what you should be eating. If you already know what you want, then you really didn’t need to leave home in the first place.
  2. Tap your friends (and friends of friends) for advice.Ask people what you should go see. I found all the highlights of this road trip by following suggestions from locals (some of them strangers, but now friends).
  1. Take care of the people who help you.Everyone at the hotel gets a tip except for the people who make sure your sheets are clean and your bed is made? C’mon. Leave a few bucks with a note attached to thank the maids, the most under-appreciated (and most important) people there.
  2. Be British.I never thought I’d say that, but one thing the Brits do well is self-deprecation. Be fully prepared to make fun of yourself, or your hometown. There’s nothing worse than a traveler who’s deadset on convincing everyone that they’re not a stereotype.
  3. If you’re a sports fan, watch (and cheer) from your hotel room.Nice as most people might be, there is a line. And it usually involves the score.
  4. Stay away from Interstates if you can. A city’s charms lie miles from the fast roads.
  1. Take chances with conversations.Oh sure, we can be reserved back home, but sitting down and talking to people on either side of you makes for a more authentic experience… or that might be the Okie in me talking.
  2. Write postcards, not emails. Let’s bring back the images that got us wanderlusting in the first place. And speaking of bringing things back, how about classing it up again on airlines? I’m the biggest offender of this rule, refusing to travel in anything but my worn-out yoga pants, but still. Let’s bring style back to travel.
  3. Take people up on their offers.When someone invites you over to their house, or out to dinner, or on a tour — take them up on it (but be safe). Heartfelt generosity is the reason I’ve been able to travel so long on so little money. People love

being ambassadors of their town/state/country and will enjoy it as much — if not more — than you.

  1. Follow the Golden Rules of Guesting: leave a room/house in better shape than when you got there and never ever show up at a host’s place empty handed. I usually take 4-5 copies of my favorite bookfor these occasions (if you follow my 10 rules of packing, you should have plenty of room); ink on paper lasts a lot longer than the predictable bottle of wine will.

I’ll leave you with one last tip — the most important of all: Go to places for the experience, not just to see stuff. You can see stuff at home.

Go for the people.

And go for the good.

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